Current News and Events

Open to the Public: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – 8:00 AM to Noon.

Public Range Fee: Visitors are welcome and encouraged to use the range! To help support operations there is a $5.00 per person daily fee for non-member use of the rifle and pistol ranges.

Speed Limit:  Please stay under 15mph – faster causes the road to “washboard” as does braking, and with the south wind higher speeds blows dust onto the ranges.  Thanks!

ATA Spring Trap Shoot was a lot of fun! All four trap fields, including the two brand new ones were in operation.  More news and winners will be posted soon!

GIANT THREE GUN RAFFLE! The club is selling tickets for our giant annual raffle for 3, yes THREE, high quality guns – all new in box!  Drawing will be held at the big Wakamoto BBQ.  This is our big fundraising event of the year so please buy a ticket – you may win a nice gun!  Tickets available at the clubhouse and from members – 1 for $5.00 or 5 for $20.00. 

Pistol: Springfield XDM .45 (5.5″) Comp, holster, two mags! Rifle: AR-15 .223/5.56 Delton Sierra 316H (heavy barrel)! Shotgun: Tri-Star Sporting Clay 12 ga O/U, 30″ barrels, FIVE chokes! FFL dealer and Club Rangemaster Gary Konigsmark can answer any questions about the guns.

Kiwanis Fun Shoot  - Saturday May 10th!  ALL AGES WELCOME! Shoot will be held “Wind or Shine!” Two Classes – Open Pistol and Open Rifle open sights only.  Accuracy first, but speed will be the key!  Winners get a CASH prize, depending on number of entrants!  You DO NOT have to be a competition shooter to participate and enjoy the fun! This event is open to everyone – so bring a friend! $25 to enter, additional rounds $20 proceeds benefit Kiwanis projects.  For rules and info go to

The Wakamoto BBQ (Sunday May 25th?) is coming – as soon as the corn is grown!  Probably May 25th, that is Memorial Day Weekend!  Check here for exact date soon.  This is going to be a fun, family event with the freshest picked corn in the world! With shooting activities for everyone.  There will be vendors and shooting exhibitions.  Chances to fire specialty guns (ammo fee) open shooting and more!  This will be the biggest event the club has ever held! Bring your friends, your guns and your BBQ bib! Volunteers are needed to make this happen so please let Robbie know if you can help. Wakamoto Farms provides a lot of support for the range, so if you are in Mohave Valley please stop for some of their great corn and thank them.

Pistol and Rifle Range News:  Please check the calendar before heading to the range. Ranges are sometimes closed for police use, special training, events and maintenance.  1) Please, do not go downrange if anyone is shooting, until a “cease fire” is called, even if they are on the far side of the range.  We have small rocks which can deflect bullets sideways – and if you are downrange, even if the other party is 150 feet away on the other side, the rocks or bullet fragments can hit and hurt or kill you!  2) There is a new 25 yd firing line.  Please shoot from behind the 25 yard line.  3) NO shooting at breakable targets like watermelons, glass bottles, etc.  Someone left a mess on our range.   4)  You must use a target.  Please do not just shoot the berm.  We provide FREE target frames and bases (located beside the rifle range shed) all you need is a stapler and a paper target!   5) Please DO NOT handle firearms when ANYONE is downrange.

Range Users Please Sign In: Members and Public users, please remember to sign in when using the ranges. There is a clipboard on the rifle range shed and in the clubhouse for trap and skeet shooters. Our funding depends on park usage. Please be sure everyone signs in, including guests.

Construction News:  The new Five Stand trap field is opening – hopefully by the ATA shoot.  The pistol range has new distance posts and a 25 yd firing line painted on the ground.  Eddie and crew dug and installed new 15mpd speed limits signs.

Next General Meeting – Wednesday, May 7th, 7 pm: Tri-State Shooting Park general meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at the Mohave Valley Fire Station, 1451 Willow Dr. at 7 pm.

Membership: Annual memberships are $60 and provide you with gate access to use the park 7 days a week from sunup to sundown! If you don’t have a current membership, you can only use the range during public hours. You can download a renewal form here.

Volunteers: As we enjoy our amazing new range and shooting events please remember, everything at Tri-State Shooting Park is done by volunteers. We do not have any paid staff and this is a large operation.  We need committee members and lot’s of folks willing to devote a little time to helping make this work. Please come on down and get involved!

See you at the Range!


Four trap fields with two skeet overlays, a 200 yard pistol/rifle range, and a 50 yard pistol range.

Location: The Shooting Park is located at 4831 Boundary Cone Rd. Seven miles east of Hwy 95. You can look Here for map and detailed directions.

Public Hours of Operation

Open to the Public: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday - 8:00 AM to Noon

Public rifle and pistol range - the range fee is $5.00/day per person. Please pay at Rifle Range Shed.

Public - trap/skeet $5.00 for 25 clays


Members access to rifle and pistol ranges: 7 days a week, sunup to sundown, unless closed for special events or law enforcement training.

Members trap/skeet, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday - 8:00 AM to Noon. $4.00 for 25 clays