Current News, Events and Information

Please check the Online Calendar before heading to the range.  Ranges are sometimes closed for law enforcement training, special events, classes or maintenance.

Public Hours of Operation: 
Summer Hours: May 1 – Oct 1: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM.
Winter Hours: Oct 1 – May 1: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – 8:00 AM to Noon.
Members Only: Rifle/Pistol Range Hours:  Sunup to Sundown 7 days a week.

Facilities: Tri-State Shooting Park offers four trap fields with two skeet overlays, a 5 Stand field, a 200 yard pistol/rifle range with tables and shade awnings, and a 50 yard pistol/rifle range with shade awnings.  An archery field is under development.

Location: The Shooting Park is located at 4831 Boundary Cone Rd. Seven miles east of Hwy 95. You can look Here for map and detailed directions.

Programs and Activities:  Tri-State Shooting Park has organized shooting opportunities for members and the public.  AZ Game and Fish Hunter Safety courses,  Youth Shotgun and Marksmanship programs, ATA Trap competitons, USPSA, IPSC and Steel Challenge competitions for shooters of all levels. offers NRA Certified firearm safety, and CCW courses.  Come on down, get involved, improve your skills, make new friends and create great memories!

RIMFIRE STEEL CHALLENGE!  First and Third Tuesdays @ 4:00 PM on the 50 yard range!  Bring your .22 pistols and rifles.  Everyone is welcome,   1st time competitors encouraged to join in the fun!  Entry fee $5 for members $10 non-members.  Check the CALENDAR for upcoming dates and info! 

Public Range Fees: The public and visitors to the Tri-State area are welcome and encouraged to use the range!  To help support operations there is a $5.00 per person daily fee for non-member use of the rifle and pistol ranges.

Public – trap/skeet = $5.00 per round for 25 clays.

Membership Special!  Effective June 1st membership for the rest of the current calendar year is only $30.00!  Join or renew today and enjoy the range and all the great new improvements!

Membership:  Annual family memberships (self, spouse/domestic partner and children under 18) are $60.00 per calendar year and provide you with gate access to use the rifle/pistol ranges 7 days a week from sunup to sundown unless closed for special events, classes or law enforcement training.  You can download an application and renewal form Here.

Members trap/skeet = $4.00 per round / 25 clays

General Meetings: Tri-State Shooting Park general meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at the Mohave Valley Fire Station, 1451 Willow Dr. at 7 pm.  Please check the Calendar for dates and more information.

Trap and Skeet Field News:  The trap and skeet fields are open Thurs, Sat, Sun 6:30-10:30 am.   Thanks again to all the volunteers who make it happen! 

Pistol and Rifle Range News:  Check out the new shade awnings!  Also new tables have been built on both ranges by our hard working volunteers.  There is a target rack by the RSO shed to keep target stands organized, please return targets when done.
PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE LITTLE COLORED PIN MARKERS ON THE RANGE!  They are there to mark target locations for the youth marksmanship program.

Please Sign In: Please remember to sign in when using the ranges. There is a clipboard on the rifle range shed and in the clubhouse for trap and skeet shooters. Our funding depends on park usage.

Procedure Notice: 
 To improve safety, only the 200 yard range will be open to the public / non-members during public hours when there is a Range Safety Officer controlling range operations. Members can use either the 50 or 200 yard range.

RANGE CLUBS:  We have two clubs at the range that offer regular USPSA, IPSC and Steel Challenge handgun competitions for shooters of all levels.  There are usually events each month, favorites are the 3 gun (rifle, pistol, shotgun) and .22 Rimfire Steel Challenge. Come on down and join the fun!
Mohave Defensive Shooters 
Colorado River Shooters 

Archery:  There is a pad poured for a future archery field next to the 200 yard range.  We need folks wanting to get involved in archery to help make this happen.  Please contact Robbie or come by the range office on public days for more info.  

 As we enjoy our amazing new range and shooting events please remember, everything at Tri-State Shooting Park is done by volunteers.  We do not have any paid staff and this is a large operation.  We need lot’s of folks willing to devote a little time to helping make this work.  Please come on down, join the fun and get involved!

50 Yard Range Safety Notice:  For safety when multiple groups are using the 50 yard range during times when there is no RSO on duty please take note:

  1. All shooting will take place from the 50 yard firing line.  All tables and benches should be set up at the firing line.
  2. Targets MUST be 5ft. height (ground to target top). Set targets at desired distance from the 50 yard line.  Please no shooting objects off or near the ground due to ricochet dangers  and no shooting of breakable items at any time.

Please, do not go downrange if anyone is shooting, until a “cease fire” is called and all guns holstered or unloaded and tabled, even if they are on the far side of the range. 

See you at the Range!