Minutes April 2017

TRI-STATE SHOOTING PARK, INC Minutes for April 5, 2017 Meeting called to order by Pres. Ron Lew @ 7:02 Kevin Ward started off the meeting with news on the P/R range, the metal target plates are being misused still, they will be repaired as long as possible.

ATTN; RIFEL SHOOTER’S; DO NOT SHOOT ON 50 YARD LINE WITH YOUR RIFEL OR SHOOT AT THE METAL TARGETS. To those who abuse the range equipment, this effects all club members.

PISTOLS ONLY ON PISTOL RANGE!!! Whomever is shooting metal targets with rifel should be calling Kevin Ward to volunteer help in repairing them. Everything done is by volunteers. This is your range so help take care of it please, and show respect & consideration to fellow club members.

There has been some splash back on one shooter using the metal targets, so be careful & use safety glasses. Jamie is working on putting together a NRA Rifel instructor class at the end of May. It will be a 2 day class about 14 hours altogether. She is also working another RSO class, if interested give her a call for more info & all the details. There were no archery shooters at the meeting to give any updates.

Robby has carpet for the targets, now volunteers are needed to cut & fix the carpet. If you want to help with this project call Robby. If you are an archery shooter & want to see progress at the archery range VOLUNTEER, it will only happen with your help.

The next ATA event is on April 14, 15, & 16. The gates will be open. These events draw a lot of people from outside our area & other states, visitors have been very impressed with our range especially with how clean it is—so a BIG THANK YOU to all who volunteer to make these things happen.

With the loss of our valued long time member Jim Jennings, Grumpy has a request to honor him in some way: name a section of the range after him, a road, a class room, or even a plaque. Your input would be helpful with this matter.

Brandon Carley was present from F&G with updates. The clean up @ Silver Creek Rd had about 65 people which collected 15.2 tons of garbage. The next clean up will be in October. Brandon wanted to remind all that anyone under the age of 18 who ride an ATV is required to have a helmet. This information is especially directed toward the grandparents here, as many are not aware of this rule.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:29 Submitted by Cheryl Johnson

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