Minutes May 2017

TRI-STATE SHOOTING PARK, INC Minutes for May 3, 2017

Meeting called to order by Pres. Ron Lew @ 7:02 Kevin Ward stated that the plate racks are now on both ranges for use. With lots of e-mails, signage, and reminders damage to the plates has been minimal so far. Good work to all for showing respect to equipment & to fellow shooters.

The next Rim Fire challenge is this weekend, its lots of fun & a good way to make more friends.

The next Hunter Ed class is May 21, this is Field Day, and anyone interested can call Kevin, or go to Game & Fish web site as scheduling is done through them.

Again a reminder for everyone to sign in on the sign in sheet. There is a place to do this at ranges, P&R shooters one sheet for both on the building, everyone sign in. This is very important as it shows not only usage, but helps with funding from G&F. Statistics are kept as to use, VOLUNTEER hours, & work hours. It has been calculated that only about 20% of P&R users remember to sign in.

VOLUNTER hours are up 43% over last year, & usage is up 116% over last year, so the word is getting out about the range, which means more volunteers are needed to maintain & help with the growth of Tri-State Shooting Park.

People are still shooting debris on the ground, this is very dangerous & BIG NO NO. There is rick-a-shay & the trash has to be picked up by someone. Many have been reminded of the rules, but still continue to violate this rule which could cause you to be expelled from the clubthis is not wanted, so please follow the rules & if you see someone being unsafe remind them kindly to stop, any problems call Robbie or Kevin or police.

The ATA shoot for shotgun was 2 weeks ago, there was a lot of prep work done, weeds were knocked down, & the whole range was racked by our wonderful VOLUNTEERS, the range looks great, thanks everyone. It was reported that this was the best ATA so far for our club. The plan is to have a monthly Big 50 shoot and then 2 big ATA shoots every year.

Work on the clubhouse is coming along. Gary & “Premier Backhoe” in Golden Valley has done all the work as a donation, so if you need any backhoe work done give him some work as a big thank you for his help. Also all of the rock for the septic has been donated, waiting for the final inspection on the leach line then it can be back-filled & raked by our wonderful VOLUNTEERS.

Tim Thibodeaux has VOLUNTEERED to help get the Archery range going. Carpet has been acquired and he has been busy cutting it to size for banding together for targets. He needs help with this as it is more than a 1 person task, there was at least one person at the meeting who said he could help Tim, but more are needed. So if you are an archery shooter get involved so that it will be done quicker and you will have a safe place to practice your skills. Again VOLUNTEERS are needed; this is more than a 2 man job.

Jamie reported that a new Face Book page has been started, it is “Tri-State Shooting Park Az” you will be able to post pictures & keep up with all events. She also mentioned that some type of radio or walkie talkie would be most helpful to communicate between the ranges, so if anyone has something like this that could be used & would like to loan or donate such to the club, give Jamie a call.

There will soon be Wi-Fi up with a hot spot on range property, this will be a huge help with communication & security as there will be cameras. The next class she has is a NRA Certified Shotgun class next week on Sunday, short notice but anyone interested can get in on this, just call.

We were honored with a visit from Bob Mansell at the meeting. He was very complimentary of our club & said as far as progress, work, board members & VOLUNTEERS to make a shooting range we are the “poster child” of building a range. He had a big thank you to our help in getting him voted in to the NRA’s board, we all worked hard to help support him. He is regional supervisor, so will be able to monitor range growth, this is good news for all to have him in our corner. Congratulations on your election Bob.

Scott from G&F mentioned that he & most of G&F personal do not want to hold up the progress of the range, but certain steps must be met and yes it can be a slow process. Scott also mentioned that G&F is looking forward to being able to practice on our range because it is so nice. All of our hard work is recognized by the higher ups. June 13 is the deadline for deer & elk permits. The feral pig issue is still an issue, you do not need a permit to hunt them as they are not wild animals, and they are livestock out of control. If you hunt & kill one there is concern about disease of the meat.

BHC has plans to starting the police field around the 1st of June. There will be a 50 yard range & a 500 meter rifle range. When work starts it will take about 3 weeks. The work may have an impact on range use & may have to close range for a short period of time; a schedule will be on our web site & possibly at the range so you will know in advance of any closure, more on this as the time gets closer. This will be a large help to P&R shooters as when the police want to practice they will have their own range and ours will no longer have to be closed to members.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:50 Submitted by Cheryl Johnson

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