Rimfire Challenge

The rimfire challenge match is a steel target match shot with .22 rimfire handguns and .22 rimfire rifle.

The most common handgun is a semi auto .22 and having 5 magazines is helpful since for each stage the shooter will  be timed while shooting 6-7 steel targets and this will be repeated for 5 runs.

The .22 auto rifle (such as the 10/22) having 5 magazines is helpful as like the pistol description each stage will be run 5 separate times.

Their will be a designated stop plate for each stage, failure to miss is a 30 second time penalty.

Missing one of the plates prior to the stop plate is a 2 second penalty.

Each stage uses 10 rounds.

Of the 5 runs for each stage the worst run is thrown out and the remaining 4 runs are totaled.

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