Ongoing Events: check the calendar for details

BLACK POWDER MUZZLE LOADER SHOOT – This is a new event!  If you have a flintlock or percussion rifle hiding in your gun safe or closet bring it out for a fun shoot with other like minded shooters.  This event is open to TSSP members and the public.  No fee to shoot.  We hope to have regular shoots to swap techniques, what works, what doesn’t and other ideas to make future events more fun.

 Women- an active group of lady shooters meet discuss safety and self defense  and shoot on the 4th Saturday morning of each month. call Krystal Potteet 928-763-4326 for details

5-Stand- Tri State has a very challenging 5 -stand course open every Thur,Sat and Sun come out and try your shot gunning skills.

Trap – We have 4 trap fields, open every Thur, Sat and Sun, most Sunday’s have a 50 bird derby, also regular ATA shoots and Big 50 events check the calendar.

Skeet – We have 4 skeet fields open every Thur, Sat and Sun.

Weekly – Sunday Trap Derby:
The popular seasonal Sunday Trap competitions/BBQ’s happen every Sunday from fall until late spring! Shoot 50 clays and enjoy a BBQ lunch for only $12.00 (+ammo)! Derbys start at 10 am and continue until someone wins and the food is all gone. Come on down and enjoy a fun filled morning!

RIMFIRE STEEL CHALLENGE!   Bring your .22 pistols and rifles.  You need both a .22 handgun and a .22 rifle, each event has 5 runs so multiple magazines are helpful. Everyone is welcome,   1st time competitors encouraged to join in the fun!  Entry fee $5 .  Check the CALENDAR for upcoming dates and info!

DEFENSIVE MATCH Monthly we have a defensive match ( along the lines of IDPA) always handgun stages, some matches add the shotgun and some add the carbine. We start shooting at 7:30 am come out and test your skills.

Tri State steel shooters Monthly we have a centerfire handgun steel only match (sometimes multi gun), at the beep draw and shoot as fast as you can clang and bang fun match. We will soon be alternating a bowling pin match with the steel match We start shooting at 8:00am.

Surplus /Service Rifle  A fun iron sighted match for old surplus rifles, service rifles ,or other iron sighted rifle , the match is shot offhand, sitting and prone from 100-200 yards different targets. check calendar for match dates

Precision Rimfire  Bench rest rimfire match , we shoot 25 yards, 50 yards and longer. Very challenging assortment of targets, good optics are necessary. A fun shoot. check the calendar for match dates. Sandbags or bipods okay no full rifle cradles.

Hunter Practical Rifle  This is a practical hunting rifle match any rifle .243 and larger any sight or optics fired offhand, sitting and prone at 100 yards.

Varmint Rifle This a 200 yard bench match using any varmint rifle ,any optic. Sandbags okay no full rifle cradle rests.

Hunter Safety Classes:
Our volunteer Hunter Education instructors offer regular Hunter Safety Classes at the range. Check our Hunter Education page or AZG&F web page for details .

Youth Activities:
Scholastic Shotgun and youth Marksmanship programs are available.  Please see the Youth Activities Page Here.

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