Pistol & Rifle Range News

The most current Range Safety Operating Procedures has been updated on the rules page . All club members and guests are encouraged to review them.

Pistol and Rifle Range News:    There is a  steel plate rack on the 50 yard range! Please ONLY use pistol or .22 caliber on the plate rack!  No .223, rifle or magnum caliber rounds.  NO SHOTGUNS!   Please shoot no closer than 15 yards (the tables) any closer can be dangerous due to “splash back.”  Please if you see someone abusing the equipment or being unsafe say something and report it to the Rangemaster.

50/200 yard ranges:

Rangemaster- Rick Smith

Due to cost the 500 yard is not going to happen. Anyone wanting to shoot long range should visit the 7Mile Gun Club which is also a AZG&F property about 45 minutes east of the Tri State Club in Kingman.


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