5-Stand-  Tri State has a very challenging 5 -stand course open every Thur,Sat and Sun come out and try your shot gunning skills.

Trap – We have 4 trap fields, open every Thur, Sat and Sun, most Sunday’s have a 50 bird derby, also regular ATA shoots and Big 50 events check the calandar.

Skeet – We have 4 skeet fields open every Thur, Sat and Sun.


Rangemaster Gary has built new shotgun targets for the lower ranges. Please ONLY use these targets for shotgun patterning and target practice.  Please DO NOT shoot the rifle/pistol targets with shotguns.  Several have been destroyed by careless shooters.  Please ONLY use pistol or .22 caliber on the plate rack.  A lot of effort and money goes into these projects.  Please if you see someone abusing the equipment say something and report it to the RSO or Rangemaster.

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