Robbie’s News

Pomona Challenge 2017


 Great Shoot!!!!!! We had all the variables Hot, Cold, Wind, and even some rain. Luckily we did not have to shoot in rain.

It was a real slug fest, with Pomona winning the skeet & Tri-State winning the five stands on Saturday. Sunday same, Pomona beating up on us on doubles and Tri-State coming back on singles and handicap. When all said and done Tri-State ends out on top by a couple of targets. Larry came through with a few big scores (Lar’s wife the Angle in computer room who swears it was a fair count). Angle not only for putting up with us but being married to Lar for hundred years.

 Big D Dale (can’t say what d stands for) took high over all, No matter what his compadres say. He ruled!!

 Again,we could not have this great a shoot without all the volunteers that do the food, scoring, load targets and pretty much do all the work around here.

Many of Pomona shooters joined Tri-State, when it comes down to it we can’t lose!!!!!!!!

 I can’t wait for next challenge shoot, what a great bunch of shooters.

 I Love this Club!!!!!      Robbie



I am extremely happy to relay the great news that Robert Mansell has been elected to the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association. I firmly believe he is a great choice to represent us. Bobs unwavering dedication to the second amendment, the need for shooting ranges, and the training of our youth has been his top priority since I meet him. Bob graciously gave Tri-State a lot credit for helping him get elected.

Bob attended the monthly meeting Wednesday evening along with G & F Region III Supervisor Scott Popenberger. They both were very complimentary of the range and volunteer base we have at Tri-State.  Scott fielded a lot of questions from our members.

I would like to thank them for attending as well of all the club members.

Shoot straight, have fun and be safe.