Current News, Events and Information

Please check the Online Calendar before heading to the range. Ranges are sometimes closed for special events or maintenance. The most recent range Safety Operating Procedure rules have been updated and are posted on the range rules page, all members and guests are encouraged to review them. Remember everyone (members and guests) using the range must sign in every time they use the range, no exceptions. 


Tri State Shooting Park-
1. Main gate to remain closed and locked at all times, except during public access days below.

**Many Range Improvements made possible from NRA Grants** 

OPEN TO PUBLIC:   Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – hours 8:00-12:00, Summer hours 6:30-10:30 begin on May2,2024.


Tri State Shooting Park- Public Access Day   Thursdays, Saturday, Sunday 8:00-12:00 Oct 1st

  • FIRE DANGER ALERT- No fireworks or exploding targets allowed anywhere on the property, no tracers or incendiary rounds. State and Mohave County fire bans in efffect.

The club is staffed by volunteers and these rules are for their safety as well as the general public.

Members Only: Rifle/Pistol Range Hours: Sunup to Sundown 7 days a week. Check calendar for any possible range closures. Members and their guests must sign in. (Guests must accompany the member, they cannot be on the range without the member present), members cannot provide their access code to others to use, providing your number to others may result in your removal from the club. 

UPCOMING EVENTS!  (see Events page for details) here.

Updates at the Range

No alcohol allowed on the shooting ranges.

Range Brass Policy

Shooters must pick up only their spent brass and either take it home or place it in the brass buckets that are placed on each range.

Once brass is deposited in the buckets in becomes TRI-State Property and is being collected and sold to offset range operating costs.

All members are requested to honor this policy and anyone seen scrounging brass out of the buckets will be spoken to.

Please support this request and help us offset the cost of operating our range, we have not raised any prices to use the club ranges since we opened and this is another way to keep those costs down.

Thank you, Tri-State management.

Facilities: Tri-State Shooting Park offers five trap fields with two skeet overlays, a “5 Stand” field, a 200 yard public pistol/rifle range with table (including a handicap table) and shade awnings, and a 50 yard members only pistol/rifle range with shade awnings. An archery field is ready for use.

Location: The Shooting Park is located at 4831 Boundary Cone Rd. Seven miles east of Hwy 95.

Programs and Activities: Tri-State Shooting Park has organized shooting opportunities for members and the public. AZ Game and Fish Hunter Safety courses, Youth Shotgun and Marksmanship “Quick Shots” programs, ATA Trap competitions, Defensive pistol and Steel Challenge competitions for shooters of all levels.  Come on down, get involved, improve your skills, make new friends and create great memories! See Events page for details

Public Range Fees: The public and visitors to the Tri-State area are welcome and encouraged to use the range! To help support operations there is a $5.00 per person daily fee for non-member use of the rifle and pistol ranges.

Public – trap/skeet = $6.00 per round for 25 clays.

Members trap/skeet = $5.00 per round / 25 clays

Membership:  Annual family memberships (self, spouse/domestic partner, and children under 18) are $60.00 per calendar year and provide you with gate access to use the rifle/pistol ranges 7 days a week from sunup to sundown unless closed for special events, classes or law enforcement training. This access code may not be shared with others to allow access to the range. A member’s guest can only enter the range with the member present and letting them in, sharing of the access code is a violation of club membership.  Membership can be purchased Thurs, Sat, and Sunday at the clubhouse from 8:00-12:00, cash or checks only no credit cards. To mail in a application you can download an application and renewal form       Club accepts cash or checks only, no credit cards

General Meetings: Tri-State Shooting Park general meetings are usually held the first Thursday of every other month at the Gun Club at 9:00 . Please check the Calendar for scheduled dates and more information in case of changes.

Youth Activities:  Our “Tri-State Quick Shots” shooting team and Scholastic Target and Shotgun programs are available to area youth from 5th grade through high school.  Training is provided for all levels from beginner to competition.  Guns and ammo are provided along with trained, vetted coaches.  Parents are welcome!   More info HERE

Please Sign In: Please remember to sign in when using the 50 and 200 yard rifle / pistol ranges.  There is a clipboard on the RSO shed, and in the clubhouse for trap and skeet shooters.  Our funding depends on showing park usage. 

Volunteers: As we enjoy our amazing new range and shooting events please remember, everything at Tri-State Shooting Park is done by volunteers. We do not have any paid staff, and this is a large operation. We need lots of folks willing to devote a little time to helping make this work. Please come on down, join the fun and get involved!

Club Rangemasters:
Board Member – Rifle/Pistol Range: Kevin Ward

Lower Ranges: Rangemaster – Rick Smith

Assistant Range Masters- Tom Sampson, Eric Peterson

Board Member-Shotgun Range Robbie Love

Shotgun Fields: Rangemaster – Eddie Mooney

Tri-State Shooting Park Rangemasters are appointed by one of the Board of Directors.  Rangemasters are in charge of range operations, safety officers, general maintenance, repair and improvement activities.  Range Safety Officers supervise range safety during public shooting days.  Range officials report to the Board member responsible for lower ranges or shotgun ranges.

USER GROUPS: Any group wishing to use the range (profit or Non profit) must first complete the user agreement and provide the required certifications and proof of insurance. contact Kevin Ward , 928-300-2831.

What is a User Group?
A User Group is any organization, club, business, or individual registered with the Tri State Shooting Park  Range that; 1) provides the mandated insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement, and 2) is authorized to use the reserve specialty ranges and facilities for the purposes of competitive and recreational shooting, firearms training, qualifications, and/or education.

See you at the Range!