Board of Directors

Tri-State Shooting Park Board of Directors

Tri-State Shooting Park is all volunteer operated.  Our board serves countless unpaid hours to make this a great facility for members and the general public!

President:  Ronald Lew

Vice-President: Robbie Love

Secretary/Treasurer: Nancy Schulz – Judy Boyd

Treasurer:  Nancy Schulz

Director:  Tony McLean

Director:  Billy Johnson

Director: Jim Leverenz

Director:  Kevin Ward (Chairmen Rifle & Pistol Ranges)

Membership Meeting Minutes  available at clubhouse

Club Rangemasters:
Board Member – Rifle/Pistol Range : Kevin Ward

Lower Ranges: Rangemaster – Rick Smith

Assistant Range Masters- Tom Sampson, Eric Peterson

Competition Rangemaster-Gary Konigsmark 

Board Member-Shotgun Range Robbie Love

Shotgun Fields: Rangemaster – Eddie Mooney

Tri-State Shooting Park Rangemasters are appointed by one the Board of Directors and are in charge of range safety and or manage  range operations during public shooting days. They supervise and coordinate all Range Safety Officer activities, as well as ongoing maintenance, target construction and report to the Board of Director responsible for either the lower ranges or the shotgun ranges.