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This is fun steel match for any centerfire handgun or pistol caliber carbine. Cost is $5.00 per gun for club members, $10.00 per gun for non members all are welcome. Check the Tri State calendar for scheduled events.


Scores are sent via email after the match

Competition Rules

The Safety Protocols outlined below are designed to keep everyone safe. It is your responsibility to know them; someone’s life may depend on it. If you do not understand them, ask a Range Officer to go over them with you. Any violation of any safety rule is grounds for your immediate removal from the range for the day. A second offense will result in your permanent expulsion from club activity.

  • The 1st Law of Gun Safety  ALL guns are loaded, muzzle must always be down range.
  • The 2nd Law of Gun Safety – Keep your finger OFF the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • The 3rd Law of Gun Safety – Always Keep the Gun  unloaded until ready to shoot.

Shooter Requirements

All new shooters who have not competed in before are required to participate in a Tri State Practical Shooters Safety check. NO exceptions.

Abbreviated Range Safety Protocols

A safety briefing will be given prior to the start of every club shoot. It is your responsibility to present and understand the day’s shooting requirements, as they do change with each location we shoot at.

  1. Know and identify the Range officers. They are here for your safety and to help you.
  2. We operate a Cold RangeIf you arrive with a loaded firearm, notify a range officer, and they will accompany you to a safety area to clear your firearm. You will never handle a firearm except under the direction of a range officer. (NOTE) No one may carry loaded firearms.
  3. You may load magazines/speed loaders in the shooter staging area.
  4. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated.

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