Welcome to the  Defensive Shooters at Tri State Shooting Park.
Our rules are very clear regarding equipment, ammo, and demonstrated ability. Members must be at least 18 years of age or be accompanied by an adult guardian.  All new shooters are required to attend a mandatory safety briefing and weapon inspection. We inspect all weapons and gear prior to your participating in any training.  All gear is subject to approval by our safety officer’s to ensure they are suitable for concealed carry and competition. If you don’t currently own a weapon or holster and you’re not sure what you need, come out to the range and talk to one of our safety officers. We can discuss your options and help you choose equipment that meets your requirements. We may also be able to run beginner courses subject safety officer’s schedules.

About Us

We are a defensive / practical shooting group that is open to anyone interested in improving their shooting and firearm handling skills. We utilize moving and static target systems designed to create real scenarios that will challenge the shooter, we try and use scenarios that are as real world as safety allows. Those that are interested in shooting with us must realize there is a certain skill level required to compete, the shooter must have the ability to complete the courses of fire safely. We try to setup challenging stages that might mimic real world situations, cover garments are required, handgun holsters must adequately secure the handgun and cover the trigger guard. Holsters must not be visible when covered.


Are emailed to the shooters after the match.


The Safety Protocols outlined below are designed to keep everyone safe. It is your responsibility to know them; someone’s life may depend on it. If you do not understand them, ask a Safety Officer to go over them with you. Any violation of any safety rule is grounds for your immediate removal from the range for the day. A second offense will result in your permanent expulsion from club activity.

  • The 1st Law of Gun Safety – The Gun Is Always Loaded!
  • The 2nd Law of Gun Safety – Never Point a Gun At Something You’re Not Prepared To Destroy!
  • The 3rd Law of Gun Safety – Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It!
  • The 4rth Law of Gun Safety – Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target!

Shooter Requirements

New shooters who are not classified in any competitive handgun shooting discipline are required to complete a  Defensive Shooters Safety briefing.

Abbreviated Range Safety Protocols

A safety briefing will be given prior to the start of every club shoot.  It is your responsibility to be present.

The shooting requirements may change with each stage during a match. If you do not understand the requirements of the stage, ask for clarification from the range officer before starting the stage.

  1. Know and identify the safety officers.
  2. We operate a Cold RangeIf you arrive with a loaded weapon, notify a safety officer, and they will accompany you to a safety area to clear your weapon. You will load your weapon when under the direction of a safety officer and at the start of a stage. You will then unload and show clear prior to leaving the stage.
  3. You may load magazines/speed loaders in the shooter staging area.
  4. Prior to competing, your weapon and gear will be inspected for safety.
  5. Holsters must be designed for the specific handgun, must cover the trigger guard, be a strong side belt holster made of a sturdy material. ( Leather, Kydex etc) No universal holsters or holsters made from soft fabrics like nylon are allowed. Any safety device on a holster if so equipped must be used.
  6. All shooters are expected to help with stage set up, tear down and other activities such as tapping targets or picking up steel targets.
  7. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated.

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