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Welcome to the Tri-State Range Officer Page. This page is designed to provide information updates and current range news for our RSO’s. Tri-State Shooting Park is entirely volunteer driven! There is no paid staff. We need RO volunteers to help ensure range safety during public hours and events.

As a Tri-State Range Officer – YOU are the face of our club and facility. YOU are often the first person a member of the public or a potential new club member meets. YOU are the person who is charged with ensuring everyone’s safety and to enforce the rules. While SAFETY is our number one priority and responsibility, as RSO’s we want to always strive to make each users experience a positive one each time they visit the range.

During PUBLIC HOURS all public/non-members will shoot on the 200 yard range ONLY. The 50 yard range will be restricted to MEMBERS ONLY. This is to increase safety and enable the RO to better control cease fires and range operation. The RSO will still need to periodically check the 50 yard range for safety compliance during public hours.

FLAGS:  When an official RO is on duty it is important that we display the red “Hot Range” flag to notify everyone on or off of range property, that the range is in use.

SIGNS: There is a “Members Only” A-frame sign. RO’s should place this sign by the 50 yard parking area where it is visible to the public during hours the range is open to the public.  Do not assume members or the public will see or follow any sign, always observe appropriate safety precautions to ensure nobody is downrange when shooting activities begin.

FIRING LINE: During hours when an RO is not on duty or when shooting on the 50 yard range during public hours, Members will be expected to “share the range” and communicate with each other regarding cease fires. All other rules will remain in effect .

SIGN IN: Game and Fish has provided us with sign-in sheets for volunteers. They are in the range office. Please log your hours and info. Also schedule yourself on the RO calendar.

The RO experience is a great way to get involved and enjoy a morning, make new friends, get exposed to different guns and maybe even being invited to shoot users firearms. We want to make your volunteer experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible while ensuring the safety of all range users.

Thank you, Rick Smith Rangemaster, 702-327-9608

Club Rangemasters:
Board Member – Rifle/Pistol Range : Kevin Ward

Lower Ranges: Rangemaster – Rick Smith

Assistant Range Masters- Tom Sampson, Eric Peterson,

Board Member-Shotgun Range Robbie Love

Shotgun Fields: Rangemaster – Eddie Mooney

Tri-State Shooting Park Rangemasters are appointed by one of the Board of Directors.  Rangemasters are in charge of range operations, range safety, general maintenance, repair and improvement activities.  Range Officers supervise range safety during public shooting days.  Range officials report to the Board member responsible for lower ranges or shotgun ranges.