Youth Activities


Tri-State Quick Shots Scholastic Clay Target Program  

The SCTP provides kids from elementary grades through high school and college with the opportunity to participate in the fun and challenging sports of Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays, as well as the Olympic disciplines of Bunker Trap, Trap Doubles and International Skeet. SSSF is the official feeder program to USA Shooting and a path to the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team.  The target of SCTP is true: to help young athletes reach their potential of becoming the best athletes—and young adults—that they can be.

New members DO NOT need to own a shotgun.  Shotguns and ammo are provided through a generous grant to help the kids get started in this exciting sport!

Vetted, trained, volunteer coaches with background checks are provided for both programs.  Parents are always welcome  to watch and volunteer.

Tri-State Quick Shots 

The “Quick Shots” is our youth shooting team at the Tri-State Shooting Park and the overall management of the shooting program!   The kids and coaches travel to nearby ranges and host competitions.  Opportunity to compete on a national level is even possible!

Contact Info:  928-201-0361

Please contact Sonja Fritz or by email,(  or come to the shooting park during public hours on Sat-Sun and someone will be able to help you get started!

*Practices begin at 9:00am and normally end by 11:30am (PLEASE be on time)

*Practices held at Tri-State Shooting Park (shotgun range)

October 17, 2020                                Signups/Info/Shoot …8:00 am

*October 18                                       Big 50 Tri-State Shooting Park …must have ATA Registration

October 24                                         Practice

October 30 (Friday)                            Friends of the NRA Banquet Ft. Mohave

*November 6, 7, 8                              ATA Shoot…must have ATA Registration

November 14                                     Practice

November 21                                     Practice

December 5                                        Practice

December 12                                      Practice

*December 12, 13                              Fun Shoot – Ben Avery Clay Target Center

*December 13                                    Big 50 Tri-State Shooting Park …must have ATA Registration

December 19                                      Practice


January 9, 2021                                  Practice                     

January 16                                          Practice

*January 17                                        Big 50  Tri-State Shooting Park…must have ATA Registration

*January 23, 24                                  Fun Shoot – Tucson Trap and Skeet

January 30                                          Practice

February 13                                        Practice

*February 14                                      Big 50  Tri-State Shooting Park…must have ATA Registration                  

February 27                                        Practice

March 6                                              Practice

March 20                                            Practice         

*March 21                                          Big 50  Tri-State Shooting Park…must have ATA Registration

April 3                                                 Practice

*April 9, 10, 11                                   ATA Shoot…must have ATA Registration

April 17                                               Practice

TBD                                                     Commissioner’s Cup Sporting Clays, Ben Avery, Phoenix              

TBD                                                     Commissioner’s Cup Trap and Skeet, Tucson

May 1                                                  Practice

May 8                                                  Practice

May 15                                                Fun Shooting and Awards Party

May 22                                                Free Shooting Day, Tri-State Shooting Park (50 rounds)

 We will have some Friday shooting days where Quick Shots can come shoot and learn 5-Stand and Skeet!